How to Use

NationHela is a simple and convenient method of paying for goods and services.

Visa Merchant Outlets e.g. supermarkets, restaurants, salons, petrol stations etc

Simply do your shopping and present your NationHela card at the cashier’s till. The cashier will then swipe the card and present you with a sales slip to sign to complete the transaction. In some instances you may be required to input your PIN number into the machine used to swipe your card. This is purely for your own security.

Utility bills (water and electricity)

You can pay for your electricity and water bills (Nairobi Water Company) through your mobile phone, using your NationHela account.

How it Works

Dial *348#, select Bill payment and the company you would like to pay.
Provide your customer account number with the company you are paying and the amount to be sent.
You will receive an SMS confirmation with a payment reference number confirming that  your funds have been sent.