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Card Purchase

  • Q. Where Can I get a NationHela Card?

    The NationHela card is readily available at NationHela Agent outlets, Diamond Trust Bank Branches, and leading supermarkets across Kenya.

  • Q. What should I do once I buy my NationHela card?

    When you buy the NationHela card, you need to activate the card first before you start using it. Activating the card means using your mobile phone to dial the USSD code *348#

    You will be prompted to send an SMS with the last 8 digits of your card pack ID which is found on your PIN mailer and the last 8 digits of your Card number.

    Please note that all card pack ID numbers are unique and that you cannot use someone else’s number. You will then receive an SMS confirming that your card has been activated. Write your name and sign on the back of your card immediately

  • Q. What should I do if I have an existing card and would like to replace it with a new one?

    An existing cardholder must transfer his card balance to a new card by calling our Customer Care number and it is done within 24 hours.

  • Q. How do I remove money from the ATM?
    You NationHela PIN will be included in the Card Pack next to the card kindly use this PIN while doing ATM transactions. It is also used to authenticate your NationHela transactions and you will need to remember it at all times.
  • Q. What are the benefits of having a NationHela card?
    You can conveniently receive money from abroad. You can buy, activate and start using the NationHela card immediately. You receive instant transaction alerts every time you use your card. You don’t have to go to an Agent outlet to receive money sent to you from abroad, meaning no queues. The money you receive into your account is accessible 24hrs a day both on your NationHela prepaid Visa card and on your mobile phone. You can access your money from over 30Million Visa branded ATM’s worldwide. The money you receive is transferable to other NationHela account holders and to your MPESA account. You can affordably purchase goods and services form Merchant outlets at no extra cost. You have 24hr online access to card information and activity.
  • Q. What is my PIN?
    ‘MPIN means your Personal Identification Number which will be used to access your NationHela account on your mobile phone. It is a 4-digit number only known to you and should not be shared with anyone. Your mobile PIN may be different from your ATM PIN, which is issued to you along with the card pack. This PIN allows you to withdraw your cash from VISA branded ATM’s worldwide and make purchases at merchant outlets. It is a 4-digit number only known to you and should not be shared with anyone.
  • Q. Is this a credit card?
    No, this is not a credit card. It is a prepaid card which requires you to load money into your card first before you spend it.
  • Q. If someone wants to load my card, does he need to have a NationHela card?
    No. Someone can send you money through different channels including their Paypal account, Debit or credit cards. Only you as the recipient needs to have a NationHela card or account.
  • Q. What do I do when I get a “page cannot be displayed” error?
    Refresh the web page and try again
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Card Usage

  • Q. Are there any limits on using my NationHela card account?

    Yes, there are limits set to protect you. You can only make purchases or cash withdrawals up to the value of the funds loaded on to the card. You can load as little as 500/= and as much as $ 10,000 or equivalent of Kshs. 750,000. You can withdraw up to 50,000 Kshs per day and make purchases worth 500,000 Kshs per day at Visa merchant outlets.

  • Q. How often can I load my NationHela card?
    You can load your NationHela card more than once if you register the card by completing the card registration form and attaching your ID copy. If you choose to load the card only once, you don’t have to register the card. You can load the card up to a maximum of Kshs.750,000.
  • Q. Where is the NationHela Card accepted?
    The NationHela Card is accepted worldwide at over 30 million visa-branded merchant locations and over 2 million ATMs. It can also be a means of receiving money from abroad without the hassle of going to an Agent outlet.
  • Q. Can I use another NationHela card to load my NationHela card?

    Yes. You can use another NationHela card to load your card.

  • Q. What are the common reasons for my NationHela card being declined when I use it?
    • Card has not been activated
    • Card account has insufficient funds
    • You have used the wrong PIN (If you try your PIN more than 3 times the card will be blocked)
    • You have exceeded your daily ATM withdrawal limit allowed.
    • You have placed the wrong security code on internet transactions.
    • The address you supplied on the internet is not consistent with the address indicated on the card registration form.
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Mobile Phone Usage

  • Q. Can I receive SMS Alerts every time I use my card?
    Yes, you will receive free SMS Alerts for every debit or credit transaction carried out on your account through the mobile phone number you used to activate your card.
  • Q. Can I register one card to more than one phone number?
    No. With NationHela, you can register only one mobile number per NationHela account.
  • Q. On which networks can I access my NationHela card account?

    You can access NationHela through Safaricom, Airtel and Yu.

  • Q. What is the short code to dial to access my NationHela card account?


  • Q. How long does it take to block my card once I do so through my mobile phone?
    The card will be blocked immediately the request is sent on the USSD menu and a confirmation response will be sent to you.
  • Q. Can I still access my NationHela card account even after losing my Mobile phone?

    Yes. You will still be able to access your NationHela card account through your card and through the online portal.

  • Q. What happens if I forget my Card PIN?
    If you forget your Card PIN, you will need to buy another NationHela card and we will assist you in transferring your balance to the new card.
  • Q. Can I transfer funds to another bank using my phone?
    No. However, this service will be offered in the near future.
  • Q. I tried to send money to another mobile number and received a message that it was not successful, what could be the problem?
    • The mobile number you are sending money to may not be registered to NationHela
    • You may not be having sufficient funds in your account
    • You may have a network connection problem
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Internet Usage

  • Q. If I want to make a purchase on the internet, what must I have?
    You will be required to give your CVV2 number which is the 3-digit number on the back of your NationHela card. This number is different from your PIN number.
  • Q. Why is the Card Verification Number required when I use my card on the internet?
    The number is the last 3 digits on the back of your NationHela card. The CVV2 number is a security device used to verify that you are in possession of the card and that you are the cardholder
  • Q. Is there an online system to help me manage my card and personal details?
    Yes, you can log onto the NationHela Online Portal through the NationHela website under To log in to the system, you will need:
    • Your username -which is your mobile number or the 16-digit card number
    • Password -which is sent to you when you activate your card for the first time
  • Q. Can I use my NationHela card to buy goods off the internet?
    Yes however, you will not be able to go to restricted sites as stipulated in the terms and conditions of using the card.
  • Q. What do I do if my NationHela card has been damaged?

    If your card is damaged, you can buy another card and transfer the limit to the new card before you block the card. You will be required to call customer care and let them know you wish to close the old account You can also choose to block the card yourself by following the options below:

    • Log into the NationHela Online portal and select ‘Block card’ option on the menu
    • Through your phone, you can dial *348# and select ‘Block card’ from the menu
  • Q. What do I do if lose my NationHela card?
    If you have lost your card, call the customer services on 0705 000590/ 0736 000590 immediately to block the card and prevent any further usage. You can then buy a new card to transfer your old card balance into it. You can also choose to block the card yourself by following the 2 options below:-
    • Log into the NationHela Online portal and select‘Block card’ option on the menu
    • Through your phone, you can dial *348# and select ‘Block card’ form the menu
  • Q. How secure is my card against fraud?

    Your card uses the magstripe technology which is suitable for a prepaid card since you only use what you have loaded onto the card. However, you should ensure you adhere to the basic card security which stipulates the following:

    • Do not disclose your PIN to a third party
    • Do not leave your card unattended
    • Do not allow the card out of your sight at the point of payment
  • Q. How do I ensure my card is secure when I transact on the internet?
    For Internet payments, you have to ensure you use your card on credible websites, which can be identified by:
    • A locked padlock at the bottom right corner of your browser window
    • An unbroken key symbol at the bottom right corner of your browser window
    • A site with a URL that starts with ‘https’
  • Q. Can I view my NationHela transactions online?
    You can go into and log into ‘My Account’. Search for the Account Statement and select the period you want to view. Please note the sender can be allowed to view transaction if the recipient gives the rights.
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Customer Services

  • Q. What services can I access on the customer online portal?
    • View your current and previous statements
    • View your balance
    • Block your existing card
    • Unblock your blocked card
    • Change your password
    • Perform a card to card transfer
  • Q. What should I do if I have problems using my card?

    If you have problems using your card, please first check the following:-

    • That you have sufficient funds in the account
    • That the ATM accepts VISA
    • That the Merchant accepts VISA or NationHela
    • That you have entered the correct PIN number

    If you still have problems, please contact our Customer Care on +254 705 000590 or +254 736 000590

  • Q. How do I cancel my NationHela card?
    Please contact our Customer Care on +254 705 000590 or +254 736 000590 to cancel your card.
  • Q. Can I use my NationHela card to fund a money transfer?
    Yes, you can use your card to transfer money to another NationHela card or bank account listed on our website.
  • Q. How do I check my NationHela card balance?
    • Through the ATM
    • Through dialling your mobile phone USSD *348#
    • By logging into the customer portal on website
  • Q. Can I have a NationHela monthly statement mailed to me?
    You will be able to access your monthly statement through the NationHela Online Portal. We therefore will not send any statements. However, if you need any statements you can contact any DTB branch for assistance.
  • Q. How do I unblock my account?
    You can unblock your account by logging into the NationHela portal through your phone by dialling *348# or through the internet by logging into the website and selecting ‘Unblock card’ on the menu. You can also contact the customer care for further assistance.
  • Q. Do I get a new NationHela card every time I receive money?
    No. Your NationHela card is reloadable so you can keep using the same card every time you receive money.
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Account Profile

  • Q. How many email accounts can I have on my profile?
    You can only maintain one email address per account. You can edit your personal contact information by going to
  • Q. How many mobile numbers can I have on my card account?
    You can only use one mobile phone number per card as your mobile number is your account number. To change the mobile number, please contact the Customer Care for assistance.
  • Q. How do I change the recipient’s information in my account?
    You can log into the NationHela online portal through and select the beneficiary information to edit.
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Card Loading

  • Q. What payment methods can I use to send money?

    You can send money using the following ways:-

    • Through a bank account online
    • Through money transfer service providers
    • From one NationHela account to another
    • Through a NationHela Agent
    • Through a DTB branch
  • Q. Can I load more funds when I want?
    Yes, you can reload upto a balance of Ksh. 750,000 into your NationHela card as long as you have registered the card. You can load up to Ksh. 500,000 daily into your account. To register the card, visit any of our NationHela Registration Agents with a copy of your ID.
  • Q. How do I load more funds into my NationHela card?
    To load more funds into your NationHela card, you can:-
    • Receive funds from abroad directly into your account through the NationHela website
    • Visit a NationHela outlet as listed on our website, and give them the money to load into your account
    • Use your paybill service from your mobile service provider as listed on our website to send money to your card. Paybill services can be offered by M-PESA, Airtel or Yucash
    • Visit a Money Transfer Service provider like Western Union, MoneyGram or Xpress Money
    • Transfer from one NationHela account to another
  • Q. When will funds transferred into my NationHela account be available on my card?
    Funds transferred into your NationHela account will be made available within the same day or in 48hrs depending on the time the money was sent from abroad.
  • Q. Can I transfer money from my bank account if I am outside Kenya?
    Yes, you can transfer money from outside the country if your account is in the US, UK, Germany, France or UAE
  • Q. How long will it take me to complete the money transfer from my bank account?
    You can take upto 48hrs to clear the funds from your bank account into the prepaid card
  • Q. Can I load my card using a credit card?
    No. NationHela does not allow loading using credit cards.
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  • Q. How much does it cost to get a NationHela card?
    You can buy a NationHela card for Ksh. 500/=. Look out for our promotions to enjoy discounts and special fees.
  • Q. How much does it cost to register on the NationHela website if I want to send money from abroad?
    The different rates for sending money through the NationHela website are indicated on the ‘How much does it cost’ section on the website.
  • Q. Will I be able to identify my funding source from my bank statement?
    For local deposits into your account, the funding source will appear as the name of the person and or the phone number or bank account number. For international transactions, the funding source will appear as a transaction from the website
  • Q. Will I be charged for using my NationHela card in another country?
    You will not be charged for using your card at a merchant outlet in a foreign country but foreign currency rates will apply because your card is denominated in Kenya Shillings. You will be charged an international rate of Ksh 250 when you withdraw funds from the ATM in a foreign country. These tariffs are subject to change from time to time.
  • Q. How does NationHela determine the foreign exchange rate for currency conversions?

    We use the prevailing market rates.

  • Q. Which currencies are supported by NationHela
    All NationHela transactions are in Kenya Shillings. When withdrawing funds from the ATMs, they will be dispensed in the local currency of that country. When paying for goods and services, you will be billed in Kenya Shillings.
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