• Sending Money to your loved
      ones in Kenya?

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      Send Money online from your bank account, credit card or debit card.

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      Simply click and send.

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      Money is received by your loved ones back home directly on their registered mobile phone and NationHela prepaid card within 30 minutes.

      • It's safe and secure

        phone alerts for each transaction done

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      • It's Convenient no more visits or long queues at money transfer agents.

        Send money to friends and family using our online platform.

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      • NationHela Offers

        24hr access to cash

        Friendly money transfer rates

        Accepted in over 8000 visa outlets in Kenya

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Prepaid Visa Card | Mobile Money

NationHela is a new, simpler, more convenient and cost effective international money transfer service that allows you to send money straight to loved ones back home in Kenya from wherever you are in the world.

Unlike other money transfer services, with NationHela, you conveniently send funds online, directly from your Debit or Credit Card.

What's more, recipients back home get the funds that you have sent straight to their NationHela account, in Kenya shillings, which they can access via a NationHela prepaid Visa card and/or via their mobile phone.

You can now also send funds directly to your recipient’s bank account should they not currently be a NationHela card holder or if you’re sending more than $500 at a time.

Convenient Money Transfer

Send money to friends and family using our online platform. It’s safe, simple and convenient and saves you the trouble of having to visit and queue at a money transfer agent. What’s more, recipients receive the cash straight to their NationHela account on their mobile phone and prepaid Visa card. They can also receive the cash directly to their bank account.

Peace of Mind

You can rest easy knowing that your beneficiary has received their money safely and conveniently.

Easy to manage

No more long forms to fill or long queues to join every time you want to send money. Fill in your beneficiary's details just once, choose your preferred method of sending funds back home online then have funds delivered to your beneficiary's NationHela account in Kenya within minutes.

Card holders can access their card online or via their mobile phone to transfer cash from their NationHela account to another NationHela account or to view their balance and statements.

Sending Money from abroad to Kenya

Sending money to a NationHela card holder

Step 1:

Your recipient buys a NationHela card from any Diamond Trust Bank or Nakumatt Supermarket and activates it through his/her mobile phone. They should also fill in the registration form provided in the pack and drop it off at any DTB Branch or NationHela agent. Anyone can get a NationHela card. They do not need to have an account with any bank.

Step 2:

Once your recipient has registered their card, log on to www.nationhela.com , and click on the Send Money Here (to a NationHela card holder) button and follow the four simple steps. All you need to provide are your recipient’s full names and the telephone number they used to activate and register their NationHela card. You can send money from your debit card, credit card or bank account. If you send cash using your debit or credit card, the funds will be credited to your recipient’s account in less than an hour.

Sending money to a non-NationHela card holder

If you would like to send more than the equivalent of USD 500 or if your recipient does not yet have a NationHela card, you can now send money directly to the recipient’s bank account. Simply click on the Send Money Here (to a non-NationHela card holder) button and follow the four simple steps. Your recipient will receive their cash within 24 hours.